Experience the North Coast Wine Country like never before on gently rolling back roads in a customized 4-wheel drive cowboy limo.  There's an exhilarating rush of freedom as you ride along country roads, your senses full of the sweet scent of wildflowers and lush green grass.  Feel the thrill as you ride past majestic eucalyptus trees or redwood groves.

It's not the mad dash from one winery to the next while riding in the back of a enclosed limo or bus. Instead, it's a fun and educational adventure.  We want to show you from the ground up the process of making wine.  Head off, over bumpy back roads to smell the aromatic grape laden vineyards.  See what's going on in the cultivating of these vines, the planting of the rootstock to the trellising of the canes.

We'll journey to the smaller boutique type wineries, staying away from the high traveled wineries.  There's lots of tasting of exciting new releases on our adventures.  We give you a well rounded taste of all different types and styles of wines.

We can't tell you our special stops because then they wouldn't be the BEST KEPT SECRETS of the Wine Country.
You can also uncover the majestic breathing views of the Pacific Ocean from high on the shoreline cliffs.  Walk along the sandy beaches of the Sonoma Coastline.  Or cruise the Scottish landscape as it changes to one of the world's majestic beauties,THE COASTAL REDWOODS

If you have a little ADVENTURE IN YOU, just jump aboard and let's go!!!!

No manner which adventure you explore, you're en-route to an adventure of the Wine Country unlike any you've ever experience!!